Missing links and mods update

Links to mods have been moved to Google Drive and are working again. PTMu 1.80 is being worked on. Main feature of 1.80 will be ability to adjust tires to your needs through simple automated editing. Video tutorial will be available on our Youtube channel on how to do that.

This year is certainly “special”, we hope you are all safe.

PTMu 1.79 – physics mod for Shift 2 : Unleashed

What is PTMu?
(Polish Tyre Mod)u v1.79 is a physics modification for SHIFT 2:Unleashed. It’s aimed to turn this game into simulation (or at least a decent simcade) by putting as much realistic data as possible into the physics engine. PTMu is meant to be used with FFB steering wheel, preferably one that has 900 degrees of rotation but it’s also fine with x360 gamepad. Mod is compatible with normal (packed) and Unofficial Community Patch installed (unpacked) versions of the game.

What’s new in PTMu 1.79:

  • Adjusted dampers,
  • Adjusted AI levels for Base and Hard AI versions,
  • Fixed automatic transmissions bug,
  • Completely new settings for gamepads (no more need of PTMuArcade – base version of PTMu is now playable with regular x360 gamepad like Forza/Gran Turismo games),
  • More powerful handbrakes

Contents of main folder:
1. ‘Packed game’ catalog
2. ‘Unpacked game’ catalog
3. Complete changelog.txt (complete changelog in text format),
4. PTMu – Manual.pdf (this manual),
5. PTMu-Simplified-Inertia-Calc.xls (tool for modders)

Contents of ‘Unpacked game’ folder:
-‘Base mod’ folder – contains folder with PTMu v1.79 ready for 900 degree steering wheels,
-‘Extras’ folder – contains folders with following plugins for PTMu:
-No Arms In Cockpit v1.0,
-No Steering Wheel In Cockpit v1.0,
-Addon for 270 degrees steering wheels (lowers steering lock from 30 to 14),
-Hard AI (faster AI),
-TyreHeatingOff (turns off tyre heating – handy for long drifting events),
-270 Degrees Wheel Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings),
-900 Degrees Wheel Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings),
-Logitech G25 Profiler Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings)
-X360 Gamepad Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings)

Contents of ‘Packed game’ folder:
-‘Base mod’ – contains PTMu v1.79 ready for 900 degree steering wheels,
-‘Base mod with Hard AI’ folder – contains ^ with faster opponents,
-‘Base mod without tire heating’ – turns off tyre heating and blowouts,
-‘Base mod for 270 degrees steering wheels’ – it’s obvious, right?,
-‘Base mod with Hard AI for 270 degrees steering wheels’ – contains ^ with faster opponents,
-‘Base mod without tire heating for 270 degrees steering wheels’ – long name
-270 Degrees Wheel Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings),
-900 Degrees Wheel Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings),
-Logitech G25 Profiler Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings),
-X360 Gamepad Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings)

Which version – packed or unpacked?
Packed game means it’s a normal, just installed game (from Steam, Origin and so on).
Unpacked game means that you have installed Unofficial Community Patch (it unpacks the game).

Read the manual please! There is a lot of important info there , especially last pages.



Changes coming in PTMu 1.79:
-Fixed automatic transmissions bug,
-Harder AI (both standard and Hard AI submod),
-Completely new settings for gamepads (no more need of PTMuArcade – base version of PTMu will be playable with regular x360 style gamepad like Forza/Gran Turismo games),
-More powerful handbrakes,
-Suspension damping changes,
-Slightly adjusted grip

PTMu 1.78 – release info

We spent a lot of time trying to improve our mod even further. I won’t dig into the details here so below is just a shortened list of what you can expect from PTMu v1.78.

  • -Increased low speed grip,
  • -Improved overall playability,
  • -Improved FFB,
  • -Improved car control,
  • -Changed LSD settings for MP4-12C,
  • -Profiler FFB settings for G2x/DFP/DFGT wheels updated



Lately we have been digging into the Assetto Corsa physics files structure to add another platform to our list. I can honestly say it’s the most easy and approachable sim at the moment (for a modder) with almost all of the tools either built in or added by the devs.  Also the testing process is faster thanks to the separate application menu (we can inject the updated files with AC already running).

With that being said we would like to announce that currently we are working on the physics for Ford Escort Zakspeed Gr.5 for Assetto Corsa. Model is made by Sovers (check out his site). New engine sounds are being made at the moment. When they are finished you can expect an update which will include scratch made physics made by our team. There is also a Ford Capri Zakspeed Gr.5 in the pipeline, also made by Sovers. It’s in the early alpha now though, so don’t expect it to be released soon (at least not with our physics and some other features).

Second project is a little physics mod for GTR 2, which changes all the tyres, engine braking maps, inertias and some of the fuel tank locations. It’s basically a limited version of our old, unfinished total physics conversion project. Working name is MGTR2 (Mod for GTR2, duh). Our plan is to release it after this weekend with Thrustmaster TX FFB settings included.

PTMu 1.77 – release info

Yup, it’s there. Pretty much a bunch of hot fixes plus packed versions – which means you can install it on the vanilla game (without Unofficial Community Patch installed). Cars should be a bit easier to power slide. Now manual has few informative notes about the mod and settings.



PTMu 1.76 – release info

Hey guys. PTMu 1.76 is ready and uploaded to nogripracing.com. I will try to upload it here tomorrow, because I have no time now to add a file into wordpress system. So for the time being you can get it from here. Lots of improvements in physics, more competitive AI, magnetic collisions between cars almost completely eliminated, very good gamepad version for those of you that have no steering wheel, all modes playable. By far the best, most complete PTMu. I think it will be the final version to be honest.

So get it, play it – enjoy.

I would like to thank Nogripracing site and community for support over the years (first version of PTM for Shift game came out in 2011!). It’s always a great thing to read opinions about your work and get important feedback and help from other modders and users. So JDougNY, Ermo and all other guys who helped to make Shift 2 a better game to play – big thanks! I wouldn’t turn PTMu into what it is today without you.

At the same time I feel it’s important to thank Drivingitalia.net moderator Alessandro Pollini. I think this is the only person who hosted the newest versions of PTMu over the years without me uploading it personally. For some reason PTMu never got into sites like VirtualR so I feel happy that you remember about us without asking. Thanks man!

I’m starting studies tomorrow so I won’t have much time to spend on modding. We have one project which will be released for rFactor 2 but it’s at the very early stages. Expect first WIP 3D renders later this year.

P.S. Thanks for the beer Daniel 🙂 !

P.P.S. File is uploaded to our server : Download

PTMu 1.76beta – few preview clips

Shortly after publishing PTMu 1.75 all over the net we figured out that we can do better. I won’t give you changelog for 1.76 for now, as it’s WIP. However expect it to be more realistic tire-wise than 1.75 (slightly different grip, smaller slip angles – overall tighter feeling, more precise). PTMuArcade won’t be affected probably as it does what it should already.

Top notch video quality of course – I had 24-30 FPS because of the Fraps and I couldn’t record the replays because those are horribly low detailed. Enjoy the previews and stay tuned.

BMW 135i – short drifts

Mercedes SLS on Brno – just a fun lap with telemetry on

… and two hot laps with Porsche GT3RS on Hockenheim Short

Status update of PTMu 1.75

Hey guys. This time only short message filled with numbers – sort of. Current status of PTMu 1.75:

140 / 140 files completed, all tweaked, around 95% of files made from scratch based on dyno graphs

169 / 169 files completed, all of those tweaked to match tire changes among other things

80% of the files completed, ETA for the rest of the files – few days.

Just a reminder – PTMu 1.75 will be for UNPACKED GAMES ONLY!