PTMu 1.79 – physics mod for Shift 2 : Unleashed

What is PTMu?
(Polish Tyre Mod)u v1.79 is a physics modification for SHIFT 2:Unleashed. It’s aimed to turn this game into simulation (or at least a decent simcade) by putting as much realistic data as possible into the physics engine. PTMu is meant to be used with FFB steering wheel, preferably one that has 900 degrees of rotation but it’s also fine with x360 gamepad. Mod is compatible with normal (packed) and Unofficial Community Patch installed (unpacked) versions of the game.

What’s new in PTMu 1.79:

  • Adjusted dampers,
  • Adjusted AI levels for Base and Hard AI versions,
  • Fixed automatic transmissions bug,
  • Completely new settings for gamepads (no more need of PTMuArcade – base version of PTMu is now playable with regular x360 gamepad like Forza/Gran Turismo games),
  • More powerful handbrakes

Contents of main folder:
1. ‘Packed game’ catalog
2. ‘Unpacked game’ catalog
3. Complete changelog.txt (complete changelog in text format),
4. PTMu – Manual.pdf (this manual),
5. PTMu-Simplified-Inertia-Calc.xls (tool for modders)

Contents of ‘Unpacked game’ folder:
-‘Base mod’ folder – contains folder with PTMu v1.79 ready for 900 degree steering wheels,
-‘Extras’ folder – contains folders with following plugins for PTMu:
-No Arms In Cockpit v1.0,
-No Steering Wheel In Cockpit v1.0,
-Addon for 270 degrees steering wheels (lowers steering lock from 30 to 14),
-Hard AI (faster AI),
-TyreHeatingOff (turns off tyre heating – handy for long drifting events),
-270 Degrees Wheel Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings),
-900 Degrees Wheel Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings),
-Logitech G25 Profiler Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings)
-X360 Gamepad Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings)

Contents of ‘Packed game’ folder:
-‘Base mod’ – contains PTMu v1.79 ready for 900 degree steering wheels,
-‘Base mod with Hard AI’ folder – contains ^ with faster opponents,
-‘Base mod without tire heating’ – turns off tyre heating and blowouts,
-‘Base mod for 270 degrees steering wheels’ – it’s obvious, right?,
-‘Base mod with Hard AI for 270 degrees steering wheels’ – contains ^ with faster opponents,
-‘Base mod without tire heating for 270 degrees steering wheels’ – long name
-270 Degrees Wheel Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings),
-900 Degrees Wheel Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings),
-Logitech G25 Profiler Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings),
-X360 Gamepad Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings)

Which version – packed or unpacked?
Packed game means it’s a normal, just installed game (from Steam, Origin and so on).
Unpacked game means that you have installed Unofficial Community Patch (it unpacks the game).

Read the manual please! There is a lot of important info there , especially last pages.

PTMu 1.79 by
Version: 1.79
874.9 KB

(Polish Tyre Mod)u v1.79

Author:Po Linii Team
Category:PLT Modifications
Date:21 May 2015

Mirror : MEGA

  • GSN538

    Great job, thank you for the awesome mod!

  • 12345

    this is…amazing!!

  • Kuro

    Firstly, thank you for your great work! I don’t think SHIFT 2 would’ve held so many people around for so long if there wasn’t a mod like this which transformed it’s core and made it worth playing.

    I do have one question, though: Since this is the final version, have you ever considered releasing the version for the packed game(Steering wheel version for 900 and 270 degrees separately)?

    Reason I ask this is because you mentioned that “For some reason PTMu never got into sites like VirtualR…” I believe that the reason for this is the obstacle of difficult / long task of unpacking the game first and applying your mod. You basically have to spend couple of hours to get to try this mod, or an hour just to install it if you know what you are doing.

    I would be glad to propose this mod to VirtualR and/or Inside Sim Racing (maybe even for a review) since I noticed that they often publish mod news. However, I do not think it would be fair to make them lose hours with unpacking the game as opposed to just extracting couple of files into SHIFT 2 folder or, if the original files are too big, maybe quick task of running an installer to inject the files into fresh SHIFT2 installation.

    • brrupsz

      Packed version was supported up to 1.74. So it’s not that. As for the Inside Sim Racing – PTMu was mentioned in the Shift 2 review. You have to understand that PTMu is not a simple tire patch anymore. AFAIR some files can’t be injected. We will double check to be sure.

      • brrupsz

        We double checked and added the packed versions. Have fun.

  • Yannick

    OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! version for packed game!!!!!!!!! OMG!

    • 0wnaGe

      Calm down and play the game :)
      We are glad that you are happy.

  • Aleksey

    how to uninstall it?

  • Dima Trofimov

    Can’t control my car. It very under steer and can’t turn in every little corners

    • Rush Smith

      same problem for me
      MASSIVE understeer.
      Can somebody please help and address this issue?

  • rat@@

    mod is awesome! thank you guys soo much!

  • Autonime

    the mod is just a perfect, thank you very very much <3