Lately we have been digging into the Assetto Corsa physics files structure to add another platform to our list. I can honestly say it’s the most easy and approachable sim at the moment (for a modder) with almost all of the tools either built in or added by the devs.  Also the testing process is faster thanks to the separate application menu (we can inject the updated files with AC already running).

With that being said we would like to announce that currently we are working on the physics for Ford Escort Zakspeed Gr.5 for Assetto Corsa. Model is made by Sovers (check out his site). New engine sounds are being made at the moment. When they are finished you can expect an update which will include scratch made physics made by our team. There is also a Ford Capri Zakspeed Gr.5 in the pipeline, also made by Sovers. It’s in the early alpha now though, so don’t expect it to be released soon (at least not with our physics and some other features).

Second project is a little physics mod for GTR 2, which changes all the tyres, engine braking maps, inertias and some of the fuel tank locations. It’s basically a limited version of our old, unfinished total physics conversion project. Working name is MGTR2 (Mod for GTR2, duh). Our plan is to release it after this weekend with Thrustmaster TX FFB settings included.