PTMu 1.76beta – few preview clips

Shortly after publishing PTMu 1.75 all over the net we figured out that we can do better. I won’t give you changelog for 1.76 for now, as it’s WIP. However expect it to be more realistic tire-wise than 1.75 (slightly different grip, smaller slip angles – overall tighter feeling, more precise). PTMuArcade won’t be affected probably as it does what it should already.

Top notch video quality of course – I had 24-30 FPS because of the Fraps and I couldn’t record the replays because those are horribly low detailed. Enjoy the previews and stay tuned.

BMW 135i – short drifts

Mercedes SLS on Brno – just a fun lap with telemetry on

… and two hot laps with Porsche GT3RS on Hockenheim Short