PTMu 1.76 – release info

Hey guys. PTMu 1.76 is ready and uploaded to I will try to upload it here tomorrow, because I have no time now to add a file into wordpress system. So for the time being you can get it from here. Lots of improvements in physics, more competitive AI, magnetic collisions between cars almost completely eliminated, very good gamepad version for those of you that have no steering wheel, all modes playable. By far the best, most complete PTMu. I think it will be the final version to be honest.

So get it, play it – enjoy.

I would like to thank Nogripracing site and community for support over the years (first version of PTM for Shift game came out in 2011!). It’s always a great thing to read opinions about your work and get important feedback and help from other modders and users. So JDougNY, Ermo and all other guys who helped to make Shift 2 a better game to play – big thanks! I wouldn’t turn PTMu into what it is today without you.

At the same time I feel it’s important to thank moderator Alessandro Pollini. I think this is the only person who hosted the newest versions of PTMu over the years without me uploading it personally. For some reason PTMu never got into sites like VirtualR so I feel happy that you remember about us without asking. Thanks man!

I’m starting studies tomorrow so I won’t have much time to spend on modding. We have one project which will be released for rFactor 2 but it’s at the very early stages. Expect first WIP 3D renders later this year.

P.S. Thanks for the beer Daniel 🙂 !

P.P.S. File is uploaded to our server : Download