PLGTL v1.0 is out! Get it while it’s hot!

Have fun with discovering again your new, absolutely stunning, old and ugly sim!

-Updated weights,
-Updated main inertias,
-Updated fuel tank positions,
-Updated aero force split for Pantera,
-Fixed rear Pantera suspension geometry,
-Minor changes in LSDs, springs and ARBs,
-Recreated all tyre files based on available real data,
-Updated braking force for all engines,
-Minor changes in engines curves,
-First revision of setups,
-Small AI changes to cope with new tyre

To do:
-Further AI improvements (they tend to make stupid mistakes at the moment),
-Adding nice dynamic temperature model to the tyres (for now heating is taken from GTL)

Link updated to PLGTL v1.1

Version: 1.1
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PLGTL is a physics modification for GT Legends made by Po Linii team. Our goal is to get the best handling experience out of GTL engine. We achieved this by using modern, more detailed approach to recreating vintage tyres and engines.

Author:Po Linii Team
Platforms:GT Legends
Category:PLT Modifications
License:Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported
Date:24 December 2013